Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lyme Disease and Immune System-

An interesting and informative book by Dr.William Rawls tells us that we who
contract Lyme Disease most likely have a faulty immune system.
In my case, this is definitely the case since I have an auto-immune disease since age 27.
It always wondered me why so many people I know who live in the area in upstate, NY
have not contracted Lyme, and yet, even though I cover up well, I have chronic Lyme.
Now it all makes sense.
The idea is to strengthen our immunse systems. Not boost it, as most of us with auto
immune disease have over active systems. In other words, they attack the bad guys and
the good guys and get overtaxed.
Even if our immune system is weakened by overwork and ongoing stress, it makes us more vulnerable to getting sick from a tick bite. This is what happened to Dr. Rawls in his medical profession.
Herbal therapy is the suggestion of Dr. Rawl's, along with a clean diet and exercise and, of course,
being careful in the great outdoors to avoid ticks and even mosquitoes as they are not being
suspected of being able to transmit tick borne disease as well.
One place, he says, is tick free is the beach! So if still wary of the woods unttil feeling better, get out and
get some fresh air at the beach, if you have access to one.
In any event, I highly recommend this book: Unlocking Lyme Disease by William Rawls. MD.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Informative Lyme video from

 Lorraine Johnson, CEO of, presents results from MyLymeData in San Ramon, CA, on April 8, 2017. MyLymeData uses big data research tools which allow patients to quickly and privately pool their data to determine which treatments work best. For more information, go to

Friday, March 31, 2017

Diagnosed with Babesia - Tick Co-Infection

    I never really looked thoroughly into the other infections that ticks carry and transmit, other than the Lyme bacteria, until I got diagnosed with one...Babesia, which is actually a protozoan parasite.
     Here is some information on it.

     It is a good idea to get tested for co-infections if you think you have Lyme Disease. The same tick can transmit more than one disease.
The location of the infected tick I presume was Greene County, NY, where we have a part time place.